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Cemetery Lettering and headstone engraving designs

Woodside Granite has been hand-carving memorial stones for more than 35 years. Our highly skilled professionals use a combination of new technologies and ancient headstone engraving techniques to produce some of the finest memorials in the United States.

If you live out of the area but need local services, don't hesitate to call us at 585-589-6500. We know the requirements of every cemetery in the Rochester metropolitan (Hart Monument), Greece (ROC Memorials & Monuments) greater Batavia (Oakley Monument) and Albion (Brigden Memorials) areas, plus many in surrounding communities. We will gladly be your on- location resource for all work required to memorialize a loved one’s final resting place.

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Engraving a Gravestone

about Brigden Memorials
First, the client provides a sketch of their wishes from which a final, accurate paper drawing is produced
The drawing is used to produce a rubber stencil

about Brigden Memorials
The stencil is attached to the surface of the stone
A close-up of a stencil attached to the surface of a stone

about Brigden Memorials
The stone is placed in the shaping booth. The operator, protected from the stone dust, cuts the picture portions into the stone
Some of the tools used include hammers, chisels,
and pneumatic air tools

about Brigden Memorials
Finally, the stone is moved to the sandblasting booth,
where the letters and numbers are incised. From here, the stone will undergo several polishing and finishing techniques

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